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Dr. Jeff Bauman - Weston, Florida ADHD DoctorI have recently found myself musing about why I am able to connect so easily to children and teens even though they keep getting younger or I continue to get older.  I have come to realize, this is because I see things thru the lens of my own challenging school boy days.  It is also this experience that helps me identify with the thousands of frustrated parents I have had the pleasure to meet over this 20 year mission to facilitate the growth and exciting success of South Florida children, teens and emerging adults who just happen to be challenged by ADHD, ADD, LD and other challenges of the school years.

When I seemed to be struggling during the early school years, mom and dad spun into action and sought the attention of the world renowned, Manhattan based, Columbia Presbyterian Neurology team. It was determined that I was challenged by a Learning Disability known as Dyscalculia or Math Disability. I was also diagnosed with a disorder that would today be labeled ADHD.  In those days they called it MBD or Minimal Brain Dysfunction.  

My parents felt the frustration of trying to get schools to help the student who learns differently than the crowd. This led to a law suit against our local school district and my becoming locally famous for something I wish I could have avoided. I believe the local paper mis-identified  the issue as Minimal Brain Damage!  No in those days, children’s privacy was not so well protected.  I will never forget how THAT felt as a third grader called “brain damaged” by his peers.  I was shuffled between several public and private schools and even a well known boarding school at the ripe old age of 11.  I was never medicated so I can not comment on how that might have impacted me.  At the awarding of my Doctorate, my parents shared that they often worried I would never graduate high school.

In the end, I treated myself! I created my own tricks to stay focused and motivated. I eventually learned to actually enjoy education and I became what others have called a professional student.  I have, in effect, overcompensated for my earlier challenges. Today, some tell me I am "over" focused.  I am task managing, efficient and, I believe, an effective adult.

Given my own challenges and and scaled mountains, I steadfastly believe in helping rookie climbers find their own mountain peaks. As I have often stated, I believe that ALL children possess the seeds of greatness within. I am so honored to join with their parents and have the opportunity to help till the soil and nurture the garden.

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