South Florida Adults who suspect they have ADHD/ADD deserve specialized, experienced guidance. Dr. Bauman brings his unique optimistic, energetic approach to the evaluation for and treatment of Adult ADD/ADHD.

Maybe you have been challenged by the frustration of ADHD type symptoms your whole life, or maybe for many reasons, the issues have only recently come to the surface.  Dr. Bauman can help to accurately diagnose the issue, document it, and most importantly help you succeed ADD/ADHD or not.

Common challenges of adults wondering if they might have ADHD include:

  • Academic/ Career challenges

  • Time/Energy Management issues

  • Severe stress due to difficulties meeting life’s obligations

  • Difficulty maintaining motivation

  • Chaotic environment due to lack of organization

These may be part of ADHD or something entirely different.  We can figure it out!

The evaluation varies depending on the purpose.  If you are asking for ADA documentation, there are significant steps that must be followed possibly including direct testing and a detailed report.  Much of this may have to be completed elsewhere. If you are considering medication and your physician would like documentation, this can often be much more simple.   Each situation is unique.  Dr. Bauman will present the plan early in your consultative relationship.

Coaching Services

  • Life skills

  • Time and task management

  • Trigger and maintain motivation

  • Stress management

  • Support follow thru on YOUR goals


Free initial phone consult is available!    954-915-8010