Rapid Diagnostic Assistance/Emotional Intelligence Testing/Career Testing
Dr. Jeff Bauman

ADHD does not typically operate alone. When necessary, Dr. Bauman recommends computer assisted personality/diagnostic tests.  These can help understand the client from a holistic point of view. Often, ADHD is NOT the issue or not the only issue. We have tests that can measure anxiety, depression, or personality factors. 

We have various vocational tests to spark discussion regarding potential areas of study  or career path. Career exploration is part of a package that includes Vocational Interest Testing, Personality Testing, and an interview with Dr. Bauman, along with feedback and optional additional motivation meetings. 

Area psychiatrists and other physicians have asked us to help them understand complicated diagnostic pictures by providing Computer Enhanced Diagnosis. If your child/adolescent or emerging adult is seeing a medical professional for a psychiatric issue, ask if objective computer testing could help. 

The area of Computer Assisted Evaluation is always expanding.  Dr. Bauman will consider this option in each unique situation.