Community Referral

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Dr. Bauman has been working with South Florida children and families for decades. He is fully aware of the many community resources available to enhance children/teen lives along with those to help with parenting stress.

We will help guide you to appropriate schools, agencies, physician specialists, tutors, extracurricular activity providers, even churches and synagogues, keeping the unique needs of your individual child/family in mind.

WHEN YOU have an HMO or other issue that would cause financial hardship here.......

We are proud to be at the top of so many physicians' referral lists. We have promised them that, even if you can not come here, we will help you find treatment! We are very comfortable providing phone numbers for other clinics and agencies. We also have an affordable 3 visit package that allows your family to have significant contact with Dr. Bauman and his 25 years of experience, and continue the recommended treatment elsewhere.  Look at the EVALUATION page to get an idea of what would be accomplished. 

Due to Covid 19 changes, we are lightly staffed. Friendly and competent, Katrina will return calls WEEKDAY AFTERNOONS. Thank you for your understanding!